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Case Study 2 – Tender library

Case Study 2 - Tender library

Do you need to produce a massive tender library, covering complex business topics across multiple sectors? Not a problem for Clear Ink. In fact, we relished this international challenge across several time zones.

This global professional services company (240,000+ employees) had no clear editorial processes for producing tenders, bids, proposals and quotations.

These complex documents (often hundreds of pages) were produced on the fly, with no consistency of content across clients or international office locations.

The company wanted to establish a centralised content library that proposal writers could draw on for standard content that could be customised for each proposal, bid, tender or quotation, no matter where in the world it was going.

Clear Ink’s expert writers specialise in clearly communicating complex concepts and processes. We did exactly that during this two-year project, when we produced hundreds of documents for use in proposals and tenders designed to win multi-million dollar contracts.

How we did it

  1. Listen
    • Met the top executives in the United States and Europe to hear how current processes worked and to learn about the desired final outcome.
  2. Audit
    • Read and assessed a wide selection of internal documents and previous tenders, and spoke to proposal writers in Europe, Asia and the United States
    • Examined winning and losing tenders and assessed tone of voice
    • Compared consultancy’s stated brand tone of voice with tenders and supporting sales documents
  3. Design
    • Worked with top executive and proposal writing teams to design an editorial system that worked across multiple time zones and languages
    • Created editorial calendars, established clear deadlines and content review cycles
    • Liaised regularly with teams to adjust system based on their evolving needs
  4. Write
    • Rewrote thousands of pages of complex technical content, drawn from many different channels, into clear, usable content with a consistent tone of voice
    • Covered every area of business operations, including IT, communications, human resources, finance, supply chain management and so on
    • Addressed multiple business sectors, including elearning, pharmaceuticals, technology financial services and other outsourcing functions
  5. Review
    • Engaged in a thorough, multi-stage review process to ensure the company was completely satisfied in every way with the language, tone, presentation and layout of each document produced by Clear Ink
    • Enjoyed a strong, productive and efficient working relationship with client staff
    • Recommended by client to other groups within the global corporation