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Case Study 3 – Strategic government report

Case Study 3 - Strategic government report

“This is urgent. Can you help?” said this semi-state organisation as it gave us a fairly disjointed 125-page strategic plan written by multiple industry bodies.

This semi-state organisation urgently needed a concise, coherent report on sectoral strategy to present to a government minister. When it called Clear Ink, it had 125 pages of content, written in many different styles by representatives of multiple bodies with different agendas.

Clear Ink rapidly produced a concise and engaging version of the report, which clocked in at just 30 pages. We consulted with our client and all the project stakeholders on tone of voice and specific content. We facilitated a meeting that helped guide them towards agreement on clear core messages, using a unified tone of voice and effective language.

The report was supported across the sector and was received extremely positively by the minister, government and media.

How we did it

  1. Listen
    • Met with those involved in commissioning and publishing the report, understood the political nuances of the project and honed the brief
  2. Audit
    • Closely reviewed all content supplied
    • Removed duplicate, irrelevant and overly technical content
  3. Design
    • Advised on layout, structure and graphics
    • Facilitated a meeting of various groups to hammer out agreement on core messages
  4. Write
    • Rewrote content in a succinct and effective way
    • Carved out and showcased the key strategic messages contained in the report
    • Accommodated the interests of multiple groups without compromising the overall unified tone of voice
    • Delivered copy under tight deadlines
  5. Review
    • Engaged in a thorough, multi-stage review process to ensure the semi-state organisation and other groups involved were completely satisfied in every way with the language, tone, presentation and layout of the report