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Innovation Project

The Innovation Project

Branding doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Clear Ink works with many companies, agencies, and design and communications professionals to ensure a brand is all it can be.

As part of our brand mission we also work with innovation specialists such as the Innovation Project. We believe there’s no point in investing in innovation unless it delivers real returns. That’s why we like the practical approach offered by the Innovation Project.

This programme, which we help deliver, assists entrepreneurs and business owners in conceiving and developing innovative new business ideas.

The Innovation Project uses a multidisciplinary approach to working, from the way ideas are generated to how they are communicated. It is led by four of Ireland’s top specialists in business, design, content and marketing, including Margaret E Ward, who brings her expertise in brand tone of voice.

Our method involves:

  • Idea germination – using right-brain creative thinking to generate possible business ideas
  • Viability – evaluating ideas using left-brain business thinking and a commercial perspective
  • Making it happen – identifying the skill sets needed to take the approved idea and make it a reality

We encourage participants to embrace new ways of thinking and to realise their innate potential for innovation.

All of our facilitators are experienced mentors who have worked with both the public and private sectors to redevelop and nurture creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and teamwork.

If you would like more information on the Innovation Project, please visit our website at Innovationproject.ie