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What We Do

What We Do

We’re strong communicators and we get a thrill out of making sure your brand is too.

We’re addicted to language – in all its quirky and exceptional wonder – and we’ll hunt down the perfect words and phrases to get your messages across.

How can we help you?
Our proven, comprehensive approach involves:

  • Auditing your communications: we examine a cross-section of your documents using content analytics software and a real person (our eagle-eyed sub-editors)
  • Suggesting an appropriate corporate tone of voice after consulting with you about your needs
  • Creating a customised tone of voice style guide and other supporting materials for staff
  • Rewriting existing documents such as websites, templates, brochures, reports and letters
  • Developing bespoke writing courses for your staff based on the final style guide
  • Creating messaging matrices and editorial calendars to assist your staff with content development
  • Placing one of our brand journalists in your organisation long or short-term to assist staff with content development

Brand tone of voice
We help you to identify the brand tone of voice that matches your brand identity and personality. Then we show you how to apply it across all your written content and communications, from emails and tweets to presentations and annual reports.

Bespoke training
We can also train everyone in an organisation, from the chief executive to customer-facing staff, in how to use the brand tone of voice to truly engage everyone they deal with on behalf of the brand.

Clear content
If you would prefer us to do the writing, just say the word. We produce content that’s clear, sharp and bang on message. We also understand the power of visual communications. We won’t write pages of content if we know it’d be better off as a table, chart or infographic. Instead, we’ll work with you on ways to show it visually.

Other services
Depending on your brand communications requirements, we can also arrange other services, such as brand strategy and design, content analytics, infographics, video and interactive content.