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Writing for business: Think like a journalist

Writing for business: Think like a journalist

On this highly practical writing skills workshop, a veteran business journalist and corporate communications professional will show you how to communicate information, facts and arguments as quickly, clearly and concisely as possible.

This course covers the basics of effective writing, the principles of clear English, the importance of a reader-focused style, the fundamentals of planning, the power of language, key strategies for editing, and common errors of grammar and punctuation.

We’ll examine external and internal corporate communications from customer letters, brochures and reports to intranet copy, staff magazine articles and press releases.

On completion of this course, participants will:

  • Understand how to achieve buy-in from readers
  • Write in clear English with a professional tone
  • Achieve a reader-focused style and structure
  • Explain complex information quickly, clearly and concisely
  • Recognise errors and potential problem areas
  • Know how to make their writing more accessible
  • Use headings and sub-headings to attract readers’ attention
  • Have the skills to edit their own and others’ written work
  • Take away a 25+-page resource pack with online links to further resources

Course content

Part one — Planning

  • Creating an effective objective
  • Using 5Ws and H to plan the document (who, what, why, where, when and how)
  • Creating an effective structure with a skeleton outline
  • Tailoring content to all the readers’ needs

Part two — Writing

  • Using KISSSS – keep it short, simple, strong and sincere
  • Transforming your style to get the message across quickly
  • Explaining complex issues in clear English
  • Developing a more concise and reader-friendly style
  • Improving paragraph structure and flow

Part three — Editing

  • Editing strategies
  • Using ROCS (reader, objective, content and structure)
  • Using a proofreading checklist

This is a lively, fun and extremely practical course. Our training methods are based on research that shows how adults learn best, which includes showing respect for their experience and expertise, and encouraging them to share problems and solutions.

Pre-course work
Samples of writing are requested from the participants; our analysis of their strengths and weaknesses ensures the content fills the gaps in both knowledge and skills. To measure progress, participants edit their own samples at the end of the course. All information and documents received are confidential.

“Clear Ink’s writing course was really useful, interesting and enjoyable. It has prompted us to rethink the way we approach the planning, design and writing of our marketing communications. We believe it will have a great impact on how we communicate with our customers. We all agree that we learned more in your course than in most of the day-long courses we’ve done put together.”