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Writing for publication

Writing for publication

On this highly practical workshop-style course, an experienced financial journalist (Irish Times, Sunday Times and Newstalk) will help you think and write articles like a journalist. Each aspect of the course is covered in theory and consolidated with intensive writing practice.

On the successful completion of this course, you will be able to create articles that:

  • Help to raise the profile of the organisation and the writer
  • Get the message across quickly and effectively to your target audience
  • Use a simple, reader-friendly structure
  • Express complex information in clear English


Planning – Making sure you hook the readers

  • Planning with PACIFIC: purpose, audience, content, ideas, form, individual contribution
  • Elements of a feature – from intro to ‘outro’
  • Finding an angle and a ‘hook’
  • Creating an outline and getting started

Writing – Using the power of language

  • Talking to an editor
  • Ten ways to making your writing strong

Editing – Sharpening your pencil

  • Editing strategies
  • Proofreading checklist
  • Resources for writers

“I’ve just been singing the instructor’s praises as the course ‘Feature writing for commercial publications’ was definitely the most interesting and practical course I have done during the last two years.  I think everyone could benefit from it so I have recommended it to the rest of the team.” – Partner at one of the big five law firms in Dublin